Manchester Arndale

Manchester Arndale

A successful extension that helped grow the Centre’s footfall from 26 million to over 40 million visitors.

Stephen has been an adviser to the Arndale Centre since 1998 and was part of the team that delivered the Centre’s 750,000 square foot, 75-shop unit extension in the Centre in 2006.

When the development opened it was over 90 percent let and all rental targets were achieved. 

Huge footfall increase

The extension provided new homes for Next, River Island, Topshop and New Look, with stores that were among the largest these retailers had ever opened. Their presence helped grow the Arndale Centre’s footfall from 26 million to over 40 million visitors.

A rare achievement

Metis continue to as act as joint agents for the retail and leisure elements of the Arndale centre. We have helped the owners achieve enviable rental growth levels and occupancy rates that have been extremely rare in recent times.

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