Shopping Centres

The Metis team is one of the true specialist trades of shopping centre investments for clients outside London.

Over 25 schemes bought and sold in recent times

These are located across the UK and range from local convenience-orientated centres to large malls focused on high quality shopping. Towns and cities where we have successfully traded shopping centre assets include Liverpool, Birmingham, Bradford, Stafford, Urmston, Manchester, Leeds, Warrington, Buxton and Port Talbot.

In recent times the Metis Leasing and Investment teams have combined their expertise to provide holistic advice regarding:

  • The sale of Washington Square, Workington for Blackstone at c.£32m.
  • The purchase of The Bridges in Sunderland for a client for AEW at £157m.
  • The sale of Eden Square, Urmston, Manchester for Ask at £13m.

The Bridges, Sunderland

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Washington Square, Workington

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